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A Guide to Help You Pay Your Bills With Cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin is all around the world these days. We hear everyone talking about bitcoins and see investors making great investments in cryptocurrencies and earning a great profit. Also, people who invest in cryptocurrency face big risks which they sometimes save themselves from, and sometimes, they lose the money they had.

Where trading is made easy through bitcoin-prime.de, investing in cryptocurrencies is not all there is about this market. You cannot only trade bitcoins but can also pay your bills with them! Be it your electric bills, gas bills, or phone bills, etc., companies have started accepting crypto payments so that you are no longer bothered and you don’t worry about paying them with your card or cash.

We will gradually witness a world where digital currencies will replace the way we work with traditional ones or debit/credit cards. The tech era is a very strong one and every day we see new inventions being made. Moreover, companies who continuously update their programs, products, or software and bring some innovation in them are always on the path to growth and technological revolution.

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This is exactly what is happening with bitcoins now. People who are investing in them now have the convenience to go about their usual lives with the ease of technology.

There are many ways in which you can pay your bills. One is using your bitcoin debit cards and the other is cryptocurrency bill pay platforms. They help you convert cryptocurrencies into cash and also give you the ease of direct-to-biller payment with the help of bitcoin.

Bill Payment Platforms

Coinsfer is another cryptocurrency bill payment platform that converts bitcoins to U.S Dollars automatically. It lets you pay your bills using the internet only and helps you in setting up a schedule in case paying your bills slips your mind or you get distracted in other work.

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Bitcoin Debit Cards

These are the most convenient ways to make bill payments using cryptocurrencies. With the help of these cards, you don’t have to worry about having inadequate knowledge about how to use these cards. They are just like your standard debit card and allow easy payment. Protocols quickly convert bitcoins into USD when you swipe the card with the support of the merchant. Moreover, every transaction has a processing fee. You don’t have to worry about it because it’s not a big fee.

Direct-to-Biller Payments

A lot of utility companies now also accept bitcoins. The advantage of such payments is that you no longer have to go through the daunting task of paying a conversion or service fee. These payments allow faster payments to you by using a bitcoin account or waller.

Crypto Loans

People who want to make their investments in cryptocurrency work hard so that they can turn into crypto-backed loans. What happens is that these loans help you in lending out cryptos so that you can earn interest income. Moreover, they help investors who are searching for immediate credit lines.

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Paying Bills with Bitcoins is the Best Option!

Times are definitely changing and honestly, all of us have so much to do in our lives that we are mostly looking for shortcuts and something that helps us get our work done in a blink of an eye. One easy thing technology blessed us with is that we can pay off debts in other digital ways than just using our old bank account. There are many ways in which we can make bitcoins work and pay our bills and debts.

How Does A Crypto Bill Payment Work?

These incredible services easily convert your cryptocurrency tokens or coins into USD. Once converted, they send the due amount to the respective biller. The usual process followed on platforms are:

  1. Enter your bill amount only in USD and provide the payment details. This includes the account details of the biller, the bill payment URL, or the email address.
  2. Then, you can choose whatever cryptocurrency you want so it’s easier for you to pay your bill.
  3. You get a quote containing the exchange rate as you just converted the crypto you wish to use into USD.
  4. If you are satisfied with the exchange rate and other extra fees that have been applied to your bill, you can process your transaction and proceed towards paying your bill.
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